I see that .22 WMR performs very well vs. .38 special (according to wikipedia). My favorite revolver caliber is .357/.38 Special. The .38 Special +P loads averaged 960 fps, and the .357 Magnum loads averaged 1,276 fps. má max. You are currently reading "357 Magnum Vs. 38 Special In Snub Nose Revolvers", entry #26359 on The Captain's Journal.This article is filed under the category(s) Firearms,Guns and was published December 10th, 2020 by Herschel Smith. The .357 Magnum is named after the diameter of the bullet (.357 inches). This is ironic as the bullet diameter is the same for the .38 Special but they each need a name. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or The 38 Special Vs. the .357 Mag There are two calibers that dominate the concealed carry scene; the 38 Special and its big brother, the 357 Magnum When shopping for a revolver, which one should you choose? I keep a S&W 586 loaded with Remington 125 SJHP +P .38's. With 38 +Ps you are mostly limited to light and midweight bullets. Assuming you have one, then it should be a weapon you can hit your target with accurately, consistently, and reliably. When the .38 Special cartridge was introduced in 1898, it was designed with a large case volume to accommodate the use of a 21 grain charge of black powder to propel a 158 grain .357 inch diameter bullet from a .38 inch diameter casing. The .357 Smith & Wesson Magnum, .357 S&W Magnum, .357 Magnum, or 9×33mmR as it is known in unofficial metric designation, is a smokeless powder cartridge with a .357-inch (9.07 mm) bullet diameter. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 357 Magnum/38 Special rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. 357 Magnum vs. 357 SIG: These two calibers sound similar and while the performance can be about the same, they have very different uses. With the 32 you can shoot the heaviest bullets available for that caliber. The .357 Magnum. Carrying a revolver makes a great deal of sense for a large number of people who don’t want to or physically can’t use a semiautomatic. The crack of a .357 Magnum is much sharper than any .38 Special +P I've ever fired. The cases are dimensionally identical, except that the Magnum case is 0.135" longer than the Special case. and under I have used a .38 Special revolver. Re: .38 Special vs .357 Magnum ve 2" hlavni Příspěvek od Dancek » 17 bře 2013 14:09 Průměry střel jsi spletl nejspíš mezi 9 Luger a 357 Magnum, tam nějaké rozdíly jsou. 357 magnum is a classic revolver round, while the other is a modern semiautomatic cartridge. On the other hand, if the gun can’t handle pressure higher than that of a .38 Special, then it can’t fire a .357 Magnum. I do shoot more 38 Special than 357 magnum from a handgun but with my Marlin lever I mostly shoot 357 or at least loads in 357 cases. The “.38” is actually referring to the case approximate diameter. So on paper, the .357 Magnum produces twice the kinetic energy as the .38 Special when fired from the same gun, using the same brand of ammo and the same type and weight of bullet. It is based upon Smith & Wesson's earlier .38 Special … Released in 1993, the M47 Medusa has a unique cylinder with chambers that can load a hundred different handgun and revolver calibers, i.e. One for changing 38 to 357. For hunting larger game over 100 lbs. So, yes, any 38 Special ammo may be safely fired in a 357 Magnum revolver. The .22 mag. 9 Luger má max. Various calibers. Gangsteři určitě taky. If the gun’s frame is designed to withstand the higher pressure of the .357, then obviously it can withstand the lower pressure of the .38 Special. Sauf pour la longueur du boîtier, les calibres .38 et .357 sont pratiquement identiques… 38 cartouches peuvent être tirées à partir de revolvers chambrés pour le .357, mais l'inverse n'est pas… I have no problem with 38 special revolver that has 4 inch barrel but the 2 inch one stings. The difference in deadliness between the .38/.38+P and the .357 magnum at close and inside the home range is minimal. Click on a term to search for … The +P is loaded to around 18,000 (well below max allowed). The 9mm Luger was designed by George Luger from his earlier 7.65X21mm Parabellum. Energy *110 1000 fps 235 *130 800 fps 189 *148 700 fps 156 *158 800 fps 208 I realize that .22 mag is a rifle round. Klasický revolver v ráži 38 by setkání s ním nepřežil, ale stejně to byla jen trochu silnější osmatřicítka. those with bullets measuring anywhere from .355 inch to .357 … The 38 Special is a .357-caliber cartridge that was originally developed in 1898. Are they close - maybe, but I think you're looking at oranges and grapefruit for comparisons. The .357 Mag’s origins begin in the early 1930’s where the police force was in desperate need of a better terminal performing handgun load. Shooting .38's from a .357 … Muzzle vel. Redding sells a three-pack of spacers. Similarly, all .357 Magnum revolvers will shoot .38 Special out of the box, with one exception: the M47 Medusa. That is to say, .357 Magnum bullets travel 1.5 times the speed of a 737 airplane at cruising speed, while .38 Special bullets travel 1 times that same speed. If you're interested in what else the The Captain's Journal has to say, you might try thumbing through the archives and visiting the main index, or; … Understanding the differences can make you a … With a preference to .38 Special I enjoy shooting revolvers but not to beat my hands up. The 32 H&R is a magnum caliber and operates at a higher pressure. The only exception is the 135gr Speer Short Barrel .357 Magnum round which is only rated @ 990 fps. But twice the power was apparent when each round was fired on a separate 10.5- x 8-inch block of moist modeling clay. .357 Magnum vs .38 Comparaison spéciale. Also stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your 357 Magnum/38 Special rifle. Got .44 magnum rounds though for my .44's . Very interesting thread. with a .357 Magnum revolver I would use a bullet weight of at least 158 to 180 Grains with a heavy powder charge. Les cartouches .38 Special et .357 Magnum sont toutes les deux des cartouches à rebord central et à foyer communément utilisées dans les revolvers. A .357 Magnum round is an 1/8th of an inch longer so you can tell it apart from the .38 Special. One for changing 44 special to 44 magnum (the length difference in those two is different than 38/357 length difference), and a skinny one that goes under your seat/crimp die, so you don't crimp the case, in case you want to use a separate crimping die. (hardly a .357 Magnum at all) Also, don't forget about the excessive flash produced by a .357 Magnum especially when in a small dark room. It was created by Elmer Keith, Phillip B. Sharpe, and Douglas B. Wesson of firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Winchester.. Handgun rounds in the .38 caliber family have always been the most popular, but since some (.38 Special, .380) are a bit weak the most popular are .357 Magnum vs 9mm.Each of these rounds has a long history and pedigree of efficacy in the realm of self-defense, so that both are good carry rounds is not in dispute. The best defensive firearm is the one you have in your possession when it's needed. 357 magnum vs 38 special p, 38 p ammo vs 357 mag ammo, 38 p vs 357, 38 p vs 357 magnum, 38 p vs 44 special, 38 special ammo vs. 357 ammo, 38 special p vs 357, 38 special p vs 38 special, short barrel 357 ballistics. .38 Special vs. .357 Magnum If you don’t have much prior experience with wheel guns, you might already have some questions about the relationship between .38 Special and .357 Magnum. I always perceived the .357 as much, much louder, with the .45 ACP also louder than any .38 I have ever fired. Konečně 357 Magnum The .38 Special is probably the most common revolver cartridge in use today, and is certainly the most carried, frequently in pistols that will accommodate .357 Magnum rounds. Náboj měl stejné rozměry jako 38 Special, ale bylo v něm víc střelného prachu. .357 Magnum. Except for case length, the .38 Special is identical to the .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt, and .357 Magnum. Too much recoil. The .38 Special rounds can be fired from revolvers chambered for .357 Magnum or the .38 Long Colt as only the case length of .38 Special is different. .38 Special actually came way before .357 Magnum and despite the drastic performance differences between the two, .38 Special is still incredibly popular due to its more manageable recoil. We firmly believe that every gun owner needs at least one .357 Magnum in their safe. Because of the round dimensions, revolvers chambered in .357 Magnum, .38 Short Colt, and .38 Long Colt can accept the .38 Special without any problems. Though its name is .38, the precise caliber of the 38 Special is .357. Right now, I do not have any .357 rounds in the safe. Muzzle vel. Strážci zákona nový náboj a novou zbraň celkem přijali. Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a .357 Magnum round averages out to 530 ft-lb, while a .38 Special … Anyone who says .38 special will damage ANY .357 knows nothing about hand guns. If I was going to have a big bore revolver it would either be a .44 Special or .45acp probably more the .45acp cheaper to shoot. But a .357 Magnum is more powerful and cannot be fired in a revolver chambered for .38 Special. From the .38 special, modifications began to be made by Phil Sharpe, Elmer Keith, and eventually the guys at Smith & Wesson. Energy. 9,12 mm. Both will penetrate and the dynamics of HP deformation may even be better for the .38/.38+P at those ranges where the .357 might go right through a perpetrator and continue where you don't want it to go due to its higher velocity. Out of all the ammo we ran through our recent .38 Special and .357 Magnum ballistic gel tests, most of the loads that performed well were magnum loads.As I’ve explained in past articles, ballistic gel testing is just one of many factors to consider when you are choosing your self-defense ammo and with revolver ammo in particular, another major issue to think about is recoil. The .357 magnum was made ever so slightly longer than the .38 Special simply to protect older, weaker revolvers from the increased pressure. For hunting smaller varieties of game 50 lbs. The .357 Magnum creates higher internal pressure than the .38 Special. Would a good quality (S&W, Ruger) short barreled .357 magnum loaded with 38 special rounds absorb more recoil? For the 38 Special it's 21,500. I would use a bullet weight of 158 Grains in a .38 Special +P cartridge. .357 Magnum Vs 9mm: Melee Of The Medium Bores. My favorite load for 357 guns is 6.6grs of Unique with a lead SWC bullet in a 357 case. This allows the .38 Special round to be safely fired in revolvers chambered for the .357 Magnum, also including the .38 Short Colt and .38 Long Colt in revolvers chambered for .38 Special, increasing the versatility of this cartridge. Energy *30 grain 2200 fps 322 *40 grain 1900 fps 324 *50 grain 1600 fps 300 The .38 spec. The 38/357 is probably my two favorite rounds to shoot. The .38 Special, .38 Special +P and .357 Magnum represent three distinct power levels using the same bullets and all three cartridges can be fired from any .357 Magnum revolver. průměr střely 9,03 mm a 357 Magnum nebo 38 Spec. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .327 Federal Magnum vs .38 Special ammo rounds.