All the cats like to watch the birds and pigeons that come onto the garage for the seeds I throw up there. I have a composter that attracts mice. Cat-Safe Plants 1. HOWEVER they have all loved doing their nails on the Slippery Elm. where you are not directly handling the cat) and may enjoy your near-by company whilst they relax outdoors. Usually you can just throw some commercial catnip in your pots and there are enough seeds to keep your cats happy all summer. I have never sprayed them with water, just made the water sounds. Cats unfortunately are escape artists, particularly younger more athletic cats. Jenny and Lulu Birdwatching. This Madagascan native is a popular clumping palm with attractive golden trunks and stems and a hardy, drought-tolerant nature. View the ASPCA's plants to avoid. To help you select the best cat-friendly plant for your home we’ve included the scientific name to prevent any identification mix-ups. Spider plant is like a cat salad bar. Birdseed seedlings seem to go over well with my herd as well. I have made efforts to make sure it is accurate but I do quote SPCA and kennel club data for poisonous plants. Overhang is wire mesh and about a cats length in size. The Calathea Genus. Many plants are poisonous to our feline friends, and can prove to be fatal too. For more information about toxic and non-toxic plants, click here. They understand the sound means water because I water the garden regularly. We see the odd squirrel and if I have old bread the seagulls come and make a great fuss. Put them just about anywhere and they'll be fine - a perfect house plant. See at the bottom of the page for a list of some plants that are toxic to cats. It is dangerous to allow a cat to roam free in a city. If you want to keep a particular section of your garden away from prowling paws, try incorporating plants with repellant smells such as Plectranthus caninus (also known as Coleus canina or ‘scaredy cat’ plant), or aromatic herbs like lavender, rosemary or Helichrysum italicum (curry plant), which some cats dislike and may avoid. Although raccoons can make it in and out, there is not much to attract them because I don't leave any food there. 1. … Areca, Golden palm and Ponytail palms are all pet-friendly choices that thrive indoors. Winston is fascinated by the pigeons while the pigeons keep a close watch on the cats. This would not be particularly difficult but I prefer open skies. Also, try to avoid bare soil – it's a perfect invitation to dig. Pet Friendly Plants If you have the space, it’s worth planting some types of plants and shrubs that your animals will love. Spider Plants (Chlorophytum comosum) Found in many homes, they grow quickly even when rarely watered, and also help purify the air in your home. Johan keeps an eye on a dog walking by in the alleyway while Jenny walks along the top of the fence. I've figured out that a hose with a very weak mist nozzle will make enough "wet" noises to convince the cats to come in. Many plants have similar effects for cats as catnip. Here are some pet-friendly plants that are safe for your cat or dog to cuddle up to (and how to care for them): 1. Here are five low-maintenance houseplants that are safe for your cats and dogs. Just dozing on one of the fence shelves I have put for the cats. 1. Who knows. The cats delight in having green things to smell, roll in, and nibble on. Both you and your cats will benefit from it. I have one cat who likes the cold because he has a thick coat. It is not intended to be a exhaustive list. High level air purification indoors or in their cat enclosure or run; Can have a catnip like effect - groovy! I space my pots in order to allow cats easy access. Prowling under benches and around pots give my cats enormous pleasure. Golden cane palm . Cat friendly garden designrulz 4 pet friendly houseplants 3 cat safe house plants for dogs cat friendly plants lover outdoor safe climbing australia how to grow houseplants without harming your pets cat safe plantshouseplants. It seems that cats that evolved in areas that did not have any catnip are less lily to react. Keep your pet away from these 6 common plants that are poisonous to pets > Photo: Kristina Soljo / 5. Most animal rescue groups demand as one of their adoption criteria, that you keep your cat inside. It provided a place to have a drink. Luckily there are plenty of safe plants to choose from. Maybe it feels good? This information is provided for entertainment. Tilley licking rain off leaves. I don't worry too much since my cats are not really interested in eating the plants. Despite what its name might suggest, catnip is not only for cats! Cat Friendly Plants Outdoor. My cats have pointedly rejected just about every scratch post I have provided except for a beam in my back room that I wrapped in rope. Set up a “catio” to give Kitty safe access to the outdoors. Outdoor. The grass patch also gets regularly eaten. Cat friendly plants grown in or around your house ensure that your kitty won’t develop an allergic reaction or be poisoned when poking its nose around the pots and plant beds. Or maybe that's just because I have a houseful of boys most days who bounce off walls with sticky hands and dirty feet on repeat? Cat Proof Fence is 6 feet high with mesh section an extra 2 feet. @pottedparadise / Via I'm having an outdoor enclosure built to keep my cats from harms way so I came here looking for cat friendly plants for the enclosure. You can make your garden more pet-friendly by making sure there is nothing in the garden that is going to cause problems. While low-maintenance is often at the front of everyone’s mind, pet owners also need to make sure their greenery won’t poison their furry friends. Tue, 22 August 2017 12:46PM. They can also get exposed to FIV, if they fight an infected cat. In the past I have had a small fountain and it has been appreciated by some cats and ignored by others. Anyway, happy Friday! Herbs. Dogs too need safe Gardens. Cats prefer grass as their first choice and tend not to touch anything else, but some garden plants can be poisonous to cats. These plants are air plants, meaning they grow without the need for soil. Do your homework. I don't know why cats like to eat grass. I made a rough cat tree from 2x4 and old ikea shelves my neighbour had put in the garbage. I have no magic formula for scratching posts. Metal is better because the squirrels chew through the plastic and I have to repair the holes. Long haired cats are more comfortable in cold weather and might enjoy using the garden in winter. Here's an article from about how to make a safe area for your dog. It has tongue-shaped leaves and produces pink, white or yellow flowers in the spring. It's not completely idle exploration. Provide a variety of safe plants for cats to add interest and excitement to her new playground. If you think a cat can get out, it can! Great info. I have not checked this myself. Cat Friendly Plants for Outdoor Cat Gardens. The sod rarely lives to the next year and I just replant it. To keep it healthy and happy, give it the occasional week-long outdoor holiday. 14. Related: Everything you need to know about air plants. Bride’s Bonnet also called Clintonia is another great cat-friendly plant for the home. The cats don't go out but they pile up around the window and on the cat tree that I've brought in and watch for hours on end. In order to exclude racoons completely I think it would be necessary to completely enclose the garden in mesh. Giving access to your fuzzy friend to a safe enclosed garden will give them years of pleasure, help keep them fit, and will keep them in a better state of mind. Get backyard, front yard ready with our range of outdoor plants best suited to Australian gardens. My kitties seem to avoid the bad stuff. The following plants are considered non-toxic for cats, and have additional benefits for your home. I have mice that come and check out the compost and the cats occasionally chase one. I have a cat who loves bean seedlings.