Small garden spaces among stepping stones or in the rock garden require careful groundcover selections where full, bright sun and clay soil present challenges. Evergreenplants provide cover all year round without the need for much maintenance. Early in the growing season, little urn-shaped white-and-pink flowers appear among the leaves. It likes full sun and grows close to … At Ashland Hollow, William and Nancy Frederick's Delaware garden, this phlox is planted under a border of mixed shrub roses. These ground covers for shady gardens reach a height of only three inches, withstand heavy foot traffic, and require no mowing. The grass looks awesome thanks to its striking black tone on its blades. All three grow as dense mats of pretty foliage. Tolerates light foot traffic. Creeping juniper (Juniper horizontalis) Zones: 3 to 9. Like a strawberry, the plants spread by sending out new shoots that set root a few inches away. Artificial Grass: If you want the look of a green, lush ground cover without the water requirements, … Some of the best varieties are the non culinary types, such as red creeping thyme, mother-of-thyme, and wooly thyme. Great for: Shade, Retaining walls, Crevices, Dry shade, Moist shade, Woodland area, Accent, Containers, Lawn substitute Pachysandra is hardy in zones 4 to 8 and a top pick of mine for one of the most beautiful shade loving ground covers. Height: Although they are about 18 inches their … This variety’s foliage is gray-green with pale yellow edges. Portland Nursery on Stark Phone: 503.231.5050 5050 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97215 Portland Nursery on Division Phone: 503.788.9000 ‘Yellow Ripple’ is a slow grower that will form a low growing, dense mat. A perennial, creeping Jenny is a bright chartreuse vining plant that prefers full sun … In Texas, the evergreen ground cover plants can take a variety of soil types, produce flowers and can stand up to the hot summer weather. Try one of the many varieties … Charming when planted between paving stones and trailing over edges of pots. Leaves are small and dark green, and in the fall have a hint of red-gold. An outstanding, sturdy, evergreen ground cover. Dwarf mondo grass ( O. japonicus ‘Nana’) grows to about 30cm in height and will spread slowly to cover large areas. Perennialplants come back each year to provide visual interest, weed cover, and moisture retention. Hardy in zones 7 to 11 and evergreen in warmer zones. ft. Use these types of ground cover plants in all sunny locations. Just 3 to 6" tall by 12 to 18" wide, the foliage is intensely fragrant when crushed. Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop' PP15815 Common Name: Carpet Bugleweed. There are several types that you can turn depending on your needs. Vinca – Periwinkle Vinca Minor Morning sun to full shade Classic ground cover, semi-evergreen with blue flowers Plumbago Ceratostigma Sun to light shade Blue flowers, 8 – 10” tall, do not confuse with tropical Pachysandra – Japanese Spurge Pachysandra Full shade Semi-evergreen, acidic, needs even moisture soil 1" tall moss-like ground cover Spreads rapidly to form a soft yellow, evergreen mat Perfect for edging pathways & between stepping stones Thrives in part shade or full sun Hardy to USDA zone 5 and above Shipped size: 2.5" per plant (bare-root) Part sun to shade, moist to dry. Moderate growth, evergreen groundcover. Blue star creepers require hardly any maintenance. If you're planting a new tree (or palm, etc.) Asiatic Jasmine Related to the Confederate Jasmine, Asiatic Jasmine will grow a dense carpet 6 to 12 inches tall and it grows well in heavy shade and in full sun. Plant in full sun and well-drained soil. Useful for maintaining an attractive winter garden. Zones 5-9 Height 6-12 inches, ground cover. Red creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum coccineus) is a heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant ground cover that grows in zones 3 to 9. And Calluna vulgaris ‘Wickwar Flame’ not only features bright yellow foliage all summer, but in winter the whole plant develops vivid reddish orange tints. The light pinkish-white, urn shaped flowers in spring are followed by red berries, which can persist into winter. Otherwise, plant right in the ground around the tree trunk. Smaller pots like 4" or 1 gallon size make it easier to dig holes among the existing roots in the soil and are less disturbing to the tree's root system. evergreen groundcover for shade. Works great in full sun or shade! The Black Mondo Grass is one of the best fast growing ground cover for slopes that tolerant of sun and it grows well in a partial shade area too. Ground covers can be used in problem areas. Zone: 4 to 10. Continues to bloom sporadically until hard frost. Full Sun to Full shade. The plant is a perennial (one that grows for several years) and likes full sun or partial shade, and dry soil. Perfect for a low-maintenance garden. Dry soil and blazing sun are challenging living conditions for most plants, but bearberry thrives in this combination. Some will grow to around knee- or hip--high, others will lie low and hug the ground. Evergreen ground covers that thrive in areas of full sun (hot and dry) consist of varieties that grow well in sites less than 50 sq. To make sure your ground covers get the job done (ya know, dressing up your landscape), follow the instructions on their plant care tag to give them the right conditions. !----- A full-sun plant, it works well as a groundcover under shrubs. Trailing Periwinkle (Vinca minor) This ground cover plant yields beautiful periwinkle … Drought-Tolerant. Ajuga. During the summer displays lilac colored flowers. Creeping Jenny (Evergreen)- One of the fastest growing evergreen ground covers. There are two categories: those preferring average to dry soils, and those preferring average to moist soils. Grows in sun & shade. you can plan ahead for the bed by raising the tree's planting depth. The best types of ground cover plants require little maintenance and aren’t invasive. ... Full Sun, Ground Covers, Shade Tolerant Plants, All Plants Categories. Meadows covered in native grasses interspersed with wildflowers are possible in heavy clay and full sun. Semi-evergreen ground cover, that produces a mound of bright yellow happy faces, beginning in mid-spring. Vinca minor is an evergreen ground cover that spreads by rooted stems. 11. Ideal for banks, under trees or across large areas in your border - any spot where grass is not wanted. Variegated Mondo Grass is a perennial evergreen grass with fine textured striped foliage year round. Annualground co… Mondo grass is a strappy leafed evergreen clump-forming perennial that is tolerant of sun and shade, as well as drought. Plants root at each node, and hug the ground, producing a beautiful carpet of lime green to gold. ft. and ones ideal for the spots over 50 sq. 10. On top of that, it tolerates full sun, partial shade, or full shade. It is drought tolerant but enjoys moisture in the hot summer months. Calluna vulgaris ‘Wickwar Flame’ In lime-free soil and full sun, heathers are ideal low and neat evergreen ground covers with the bonus of summer flowers. When a plant tag indicates full sun, or Zone 8, a label might not cover the intensity of our sun in the afternoon’s most extreme temperatures. They're valuable for … Suitable places for xeric ground covers include dry slopes, landscape medians, parking strips, traffic islands and street rights-of-way. Early summer brings a blanket of deep lavender-red blooms on this fast spreading, semi-evergreen ground cover. Ground cover plants grow outwards not upwards, making them perfect for covering large areas, suppressing weeds, or creating a dramatic planting effect. This native evergreen shrub is covered in small, leathery, deep green leaves, which turn maroon in cold weather. Helpful for weed suppression with minimal maintenance. It's pretty and spreads easily, yet it's easy to keep under control. Fragrant and resilient, thyme makes a superb groundcover for sunny spots in your landscape where you can enjoy its fresh scent every time you walk by. Very hardy - will adapt to most soil types. Prunella – ‘Freelander Blue’ Prunella is perfect for the gardener who wants a plant that will bloom all … Creeping Jenny. Cotoneaster 'Emerald Beauty™' Large problem areas appear lush with tolerant, adapted groundcover plants. Height: 3 to 6 inches tall, spread 8 to 10 inches. ‘Yellow Ripple’ Ivy (Hedra helix) – Ivy is a classic evergreen ground cover. Some ground-cover plants that tolerate clay soil also accept dry conditions and are suitable for low-water areas. Evergreen groundcovers are well-suited to a range of soil conditions found in shade. In winter the leaves take on a purple-red cast.