The foundation of which are performance, integrity and business acumen. If someone is often late to meetings, their desk is always cluttered, they don’t appear organised in meetings and they appear overwhelmed at their current level, how can they possibly be promoted to handle more responsibility? Make others feel important by demonstrating they have your full attention. Join Tiara's Peg Rowe and a virtual panel of global leaders as they explore Executive Presence and how its impacted in a virtual environment.. It is a question of the right display of these characteristics. Lean forward slightly when you want to emphasize a point. I also remember an internal candidate, at a Director level, who was highly valued for his commitment and contribution to his company. Executive presence (EP) is a trait that all aspiring executives know they need, but its definition is murky at best. #executivepresence #careeradvice #careeradvancement, This website uses cookies to improve service and provide tailored ads. Focus your developmental efforts on displaying the building blocks that add up to a commanding presence – the self-confidence, composure, positive assertiveness, attitude of optimism, and sense of being in control – in a way that’s consistent with your style and personality. At least once a week, I hear from leaders who ask, “How do I project more executive presence?”. Select Accept cookies to consent to this use or Manage preferences to make your cookie choices. As an EA, PA or other high-level assistant, you must be professional and your work stellar in order to reach that position and then stay there (or advance further). In fact, there’s a common prescription in psychotherapy called acting “as if”, based on the idea that if you behave like somebody you want to become, it will become a reality. In-House: Projecting Executive Presence. You do not ‘just get’ executive presence, it is a skill to cultivate and build. Send signals of competency and warmth by relaxing your shoulders and pulling them down your back. However, you’ve probably also noticed that it’s not fool-proof. Simply put, it is the ability to project a polished, professional and poised image that is consistent regardless of the pressures of the situation or context. Learn to project self-confidence, clarity, and credibility even under conditions of stress, pressure, and uncertainty. In developing your executive presence, be mindful of seemingly small things that can trip you up and undermine the image you’re trying to project. And now, in light of the ongoing global pandemic, these same top performers wonder how to capture ever-elusive executive presence in virtual meetings as well. It might sound silly, but it works. A lot of people think that executive presence means “dress for success”, personal grooming and looking like an exec, but that’s only part of it. Be aware that anything you say in the chat will be visible in the final transcript. You may think that all the dings and pings may make you appear important, but it’s more so disrespectful to the people on the call. Executive presence inspires confidence from people. Yet presence can be hard to establish, especially for women. You’ve probably seen or used Zoom’s virtual backgrounds feature, which allows you to display an image or video as your backdrop during a call. There are different facets of executive presence. SITTING: Own your space by sitting tall to show authority and power. And it can be hard for them to get their voice heard over more outgoing colleagues. The hiring manager mentioned later a lot of his responses were vague and noncommittal. Loading ... Executive Presence - It's Not What You Think - Duration: 1:54. conniedieken 4,603 views. Instead, keep your camera at eye level. You can change your cookie choices and withdraw your consent in your settings at any time. Even though he knew all the other people, he looked nervous in presentations and when others challenged him, he seemed to be thrown off balance and tended to ramble on. When possible, take video calls with a window in front of you. I’ve worked with many senior managers before their executive interviews (as an interview coach but also in my recruitment work) and while dressing appropriately for the exec level is important, at the core of the executive presence is displaying the self confidence required to succeed at a higher level of leadership. However, he wasn’t getting the promotion he wanted. Probably one of the biggest drivers of gravitas and executive presence is how you hold yourself, and the body language that you use – whether consciously or sub-consciously. Eye contact matters enormously, according to executives surveyed, as do voice, bearing and body language. While it may seem like some people “just get it,” executive presence is actually something that they’ve probably worked very hard to achieve. Focus your developmental efforts on displaying the building blocks that add up to a commanding presence – the self-confidence, composure, positive assertiveness, attitude of optimism, and sense of being in control – in a way that’s consistent with your style and personality. It was at a special leadership development program in a leading global media firm. Charismatic displays of showmanship aren’t a Sensitive Striver’s style. Looking at ease creates a positive perception in the eyes of people you’re trying to influence. Learn to be an effective virtual leader with this complimentary webinar offered by … Find out how to develop your executive presence in this article. Your details are protected in accordance with my Privacy Policy. Polish Your Executive Presence by Projecting a Successful Image. For this reason, I advise my clients to stay away from it unless absolutely necessary. I’ve also recruited for a female exec who was soft spoken but in meetings, especially when working with managers on complex issues, her presence as a leader shined through. If you want people to look up to you, you have to fit the perception of what people believe someone of respect looks like. Practice looking straight into the camera rather than glancing at your own image on the screen. Get your copy of The 5-Minute Inner Critic Makeover when you sign up for weekly tips and discover the strategy my clients use to stop negative thinking spirals at work — yes, it really takes 5 minutes! A lot of senior decision makers I’ve worked with in my recruitment career apart from having a track record of success, are also socially adept in any setting, are articulate and can capture people’s attention – they are excellent public speakers. There is nothing more complimentary to executive presence than self-awareness. - A few years ago, I saw a great example of executive presence but one that might surprise you. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies. It’s fundamentally about developing your own original voice. For more information, see our Cookie Policy. Is it charisma? So make sure your private messages are something you’d be comfortable with your boss seeing. You communicate authority through your speaking skills and ability to command a room, the top presence picks by senior leaders. And be mindful of your inflection, just as you would in person. Appearance (when it comes to presence) is about projecting the view of you that you want others to hold. So what are the elements of the executive presence? Projecting executive presence starts by taking up space, literally and figuratively. If the camera is too high (as if you were taking a selfie), it can diminish your presence. In fact, as a public relations professional , part of my job is preparing company spokespeople for important interviews or speaking engagements, and I’ve worked with many leaders and executives on developing their “it” factor. Executive presence is about more than your visual look and body language. Most aspiring leaders know they need executive presence: the ability to project authority, confidence, and authenticity. These are great conversation starters that humanize you and build connections. PROJECTING EXECUTIVE PRESENCE POISENIGERIA WEBCAST. 5 Ways to Make a Difficult Career Decision, Realistic Ways to Deal With a Passive-Aggressive Colleague (and Still Get Work Done), Be assigned to higher-profile assignments, Placing a sticky note with a smiley face right about your webcam, Turning off the “self-view” option on Zoom. Individuals with leaders who have executive presence are more productive because they trust and respect their leader. Can the individual take control of difficult, even unpredictable situations and make tough decisions? Executive presence is about connecting to an audience, building credibility and inspiring action. How Do I Project Leadership Presence In A Virtual Environment? Eventually with enough practice these behaviors will become a part of your own self expression and you’ll start projecting executive presence naturally. Over time, I’ve seen that while his presentations were always well prepared, it was clear that he wasn’t entirely comfortable speaking to the group. If you sit too far away from the camera, it makes you appear small, which can subconsciously send a signal that you’re less powerful, nervous, or otherwise disengaged. Fundamentally, it’s about your mentality. Make sure the top of your head isn’t chopped off and that there are a few inches of visual space above your crown. Having a more attuned nervous system means they’re monitoring every minor movement and reaction, which can lead to overwhelm, distraction, and freezing up when it’s finally time to share an opinion. Fear not, because there are many ways to elevate your executive presence in a virtual meeting, and build your confidence along with it. His posture was a bit hunched and his shirts always a bit crumpled. Executive presence is about allowing others to observe that one has the required leadership qualities – like subject matter competence, leadership confidence, and character. Projecting Executive Presence In The Workplace And Business. The increased pressure to perform is enough to send them spiraling into self-doubt and imposter syndrome. They slouch or hunch over during video calls, for example, or they may sway in their chair to get out nervous energy, which in turn makes your audience feel less secure. Fix this by positioning your seat so the area from your upper chest to your head is visible. What is leadership presence? Avoid uptalk – ending sentences as if you were asking a question – and trailing off at the end of your sentences. Nix apologetic language like “I’m sorry, I may be completely off base here.” Tentative language may be appropriate during a brainstorming session, for example, but not when you’re trying to be perceived as decisive and an expert. Do people stop what they’re doing, there’s an audible gasp, and they pay full attention. Eventbrite - The Speech Improvement Company presents Projecting Executive Presence Online: How to Lead from the Shoulders Up - Wednesday, December 9, 2020 - Find event and ticket information. Everything! Executive presence is about your ability to inspire confidence — in your team, that you’re the leader they want to follow; among peers that you’re capable and reliable and, most importantly, inspiring confidence among senior leaders that you have the potential for great achievements.