Hay 36 respuestas en [Encuesta]¿Iaito o Uchigatana?, del foro de Dark Souls. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Notable differences are that the Iaito has a higher Dexterity requirement, slightly better scalingwith Dexterity (although ultimately still having slightly lower damage), a faster one-handed strong attack with a larger hit-box and a longer ranged two-handed strong attack. Balder Side Sword Location: Undead Burg, dropped by the Undead Merchant Stat Requirements: 14 Strength, 14 Dexterity. Situational? As mentioned earlier, the Uchigatana (striking sword) was the shorter accompaniment to the longer Tachi worn during the late Ashikaga period and early-mid Sengoku Jidai. The extra range from the Washing Pole is okay, but mainly you get so close to things in this game you don't really notice. I'd say the uchigatana is better, because of the moveset. Different moveset? All rights reserved. I asked the guy about the moveset and how it compared to Dark Souls 1 and I was told it was basically the same, but it was a bit slower now. Katana forged in an Eastern land. The uchigatana has a couple valid ways of use. Each Iaito features the same quality as its counterparts that have fully sharpened blades, but it also exhibits a powerful yet very blunt edge that is excellent for training and developing the sword fighting skills of a person. I'd say the uchigatana is better, because of the moveset.

Head to Harvest Valley and save at the bonfire across the poison. This is the most precise term to speak of a wooden sword that is made to imitate a katana. The term Iaito means mock or imitation blades that are said to be contrasting compared to the Shinken – a nihonto that features a live, forged blade and is made primarily for combat. Uchi vs Iaito vs Chaos Blade vs Washing Pole. This is lame, I know, but I'm gonna go with use the one you like more. Which one is better? I made a lightning Iato when I got to the giant, and then a +15 Uchi. I leveled them both but ended up feeling more comfortable with the uchigatana. Doesn't sound like much, but for PvE it can be substantial against bosses with a lot of health. The Uchigatana is one of … This was of course with a lot of deaths and a route that is not optimized at all. Nouveau sujet Liste des sujets. WHY ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR THE SUN IN THE ABYSS!. Overhead and underhand swing in quick succession. Iaito is badass for the R2, but it's the lowest damaging Katana. When two handing all the katanas with 27 strength, 40 dex, and 10 humanity, the Chaos Blade only does 30 more damage than the Uchigatana. Also the Uchigatana and Iaito have better movesets, and plus they are buffable which makes them do more damage anyways. Chaos Blade is such an amazing weapon, but a great second choice is the Uchigatana. 1 2. Uchi is better because you can get it at the beginning of the game and the jump to get Iaito in Blighttown is fucking impossible. As for large titanite shards you can farm the slugs at the bottom of Blighttown, opposite side of Quelaags (near the big tree that leads down to Ash Lake). Any sword can be delivered as a sharp shinken for cutting or a iaito … Best upgrade path? I think it’s too tough to call one definitively “better.”. I miss the Iaito.....loved that sword. Hah! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. No, Chaos has most. This entire game looks like a f***ing toy. The place to discuss Dark Souls II. As for the path of how to upgrade your Iaito, if it's really a chore to get your Faith or INT up to add buffs, then I'll suggest the Chaos path.