Even if Goku killed all of them (which is impossible because the point is finding how many it'd take to win) then more would just pop up until Naruto eventually won. Son Goku, the grandfather of modern shonen anime, can still best Naruto and many of the more recent protagonists in the genre as well. 19 Answers. Broly is the textbook example of the type of character most susceptible to Talk No Jutsu. If goku see naruto he beats him in 0.00001 seconds every time. Even if Vegeta can never hope to catch up to Goku, I hope he can at least find some solace in the idea of someone else delivering the beat down. Anything higher then that paste him. His tenacity would give him the edge, here. In naruto it is chakra, in dragon ballz it is ki. 25 days ago. First of all ki and chakra are the same. ... 1 Can't Beat: Naruto Uzumaki. Answer Save. Someone was literally telling me how Saitama could Goku … At first Naruto seems like a weak kid, but he is actually incredibly strong and possesses a vast array of abilities. 5 years ago 2 months ago. Kaguya alone is enough to beat goku. 18 Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the incredibly influential and still ongoing series One Piece , would just squeak out a victory against the blond ninja. Anonymous. Nobody wants to admit that Naruto can and would eventually win, which is sad because that part wasn't even part of the debate. In bleach it is reatsu, in hunter x hunter it is nen. Naruto could win 1/10000 battles and thats getting goku off guard with bijuu bomb and thats still very arguable. Naruto's popularity rivals Goku's. Honestly naruto who hasn't showed his six paths form as an adult yet can push goku to ss3 at 40% but in terms of speed full power ss3 or maybe 25% of ssg but it depends on how goku takes the fight but yh naruto can only beat goku with seals and tactics but as of rn in 2020 goku still triumphs over naruto. Even if you have Hokage Naruto the results would probably still be the same. ... Naruto can keep up Kaio Ken x2 Goku at best. Dragon ball fans like exaggerating things a lot. With Talk No Jutsu, the strongest character Naruto could beat is Broly. Relevance. In spite of his headstrong, boisterous nature, Naruto would have a nearly infinite amount of time to learn Goku's power, strengths and weaknesses. Whenever his birthday is, I hope Vegeta enjoys it. He can beat the one that fought Raditz but loses to post king kai training version. And with abilities from the greatest fighters visit and live on Earth, Cell is definitely more than a match for the strongest Z Fighters. ye I confidently say this mode of naruto is not even needed to beat a sick SSJ goku. No dbz turds naruto can beat the sh***t out of goku now and still get stronger madraa can destroy planets to and can live in space because of re.justu and all he has to do to kill goku is drop the big a** rock that al most blow up the planet. The ultimate creation is designed by Dr. Gero with the directive to kill the happy-go-lucky saiyan, Goku.